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A bilingual Québec agency, Rinaldi is a multicultural business located in the dynamic Mile-Ex neighbourhood. It’s a wonderful melting pot, and we think it’s the key to our success.

At Rinaldi, you can hear people speaking French (Belle Province style), French (European style), Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and a weird language with expressions like “AI algorithms” and “cloud architecture.”

We set up shop in the Mile-Ex well before the eclectic Manitoba restaurant, game developer Behaviour, Microsoft and all the AI startups decided to follow suit. We are now at the heart of a vibrant, flourishing neighbourhood, and we draw inspiration from it.

As for our Italian roots, they certainly have their perks. We start our days with delicious espressos, we celebrate birthdays with divine panna cottas, we toast our victories with grappa and we love to thank our colleagues with heartfelt “Grazie mille,” just for the fun of it!

We’re quite the happy bunch, and we truly feel that the best ideas are born out of collaboration and just having a plain ol’ good time!

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espressos ingested per year. And that’s without counting the pots of filtered coffee made daily.


LB of weight gained on average by each new employee thanks to the generous supply of cannolis offered by the Rinaldis.


scrumptious homemade cake-pops prepared every year by our wonderful Executive Assistant to celebrate each of our colleagues’ birthdays.


chances to see a stunning sunset from the agency’s windows in a year.

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Spontaneous application

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