Why Not Try a Stunt?

Attracting the attention of a large audience has always been a challenge, but the proliferation of viral videos on the Internet is making that process harder than ever before.

Publicity stunts, usually made popular by video, are an efficient marketing solution, mainly because they are short and impactful. Much like a tweet is a form of condensed news, a stunt can be viewed as a condensed advertising campaign.

No Need to Send Someone in Space

Often, we come across stunts that were put together by national advertisers, with generous budgets. Let’s not forget, however, that publicity stunts are accessible and achievable on a smaller scale.

Case in point: 500 snow shovels and a team of devoted professionals were enough to create quite the buzz.

A Good Return on Investment

When a stunt is original and well-executed, it holds the potential to generates visibility that goes far beyond the value of its initial investment.

For instance, when the 500 Subaru shovels were handed out, it’s not only 500 car drivers that were reached. The stunt was mentioned in 13 online articles, received a 7-minute radio coverage and a 90-second TV coverage. It also increased the number of visits on quebecsubaru.ca by 844%, while the video was viewed 45,000 times on YouTube.

The publicity stunt is not only an accessible marketing tool, but also a highly profitable one, both in terms of visibility and investment.

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