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IMG_0275 2Welcome to our brand new Rinaldi Stories, our agency’s newsletter, which marks a certain renewal for us. Over the last few months, we decided to place our passion for stories at the frontline of everything we do. It’s no coincidence if stories ended up being at the centre of what we do each day for our clients, and inspired a whole new mission, a true creative force to us:

Nous créons la meilleure histoire afin de donner de la valeur à votre marque.
This is the promise we make to ourselves, as well as to each of our clients and partners. Who doesn’t love a good story?

Our team just looooves a good story, and has plenty to tell. To read here!

Finally, we made the most out of this wind of change and gave our agency a fresh new look, modern and welcoming, one that inspires good ideas, good times, and of course a little fun.

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