Up close with Sébastien

Posted 30 August 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Agency Life

Today, we’re chatting with Sébastien Cassagnes, Vice-President, spice lover and Mont Blanc fanatic.

  1. What was the first ad that got you hooked?

I’m too old to remember my “first.” However, there are several ads that have impressed me in recent years. I have a soft spot for video game cutscenes, amongst other things.

But one ad that has made me laugh out loud is the viral Pepsi MAX commercial with Jeff Gordon, where he’s pranking people.

  1. What did you want to do when you were a kid?

I absolutely wanted to be an archaeologist or oceanographer. You know, Indiana Jones style.

  1. As Vice-President, what’s your role at the agency?

Making sure that our crew is going in the right (and same) direction.

But above all, my job is to make sure that everyone feels that they are where they should be and can participate in our collective project.

  1. What was your path to get to this job?

If you want the long story, look me up on LinkedIn. Here’s the short story:

It all started at NewAd, where I was hired as a junior advertising consultant, with my ripped jeans and a skateboard under my arm. Then, I was in charge of different media groups in Quebec for several years, such as La Presse, Rogers Media and Noovo.

  1. Since we are in an Italian agency, what is your favourite coffee?

I am very simple with coffee. Once a month, in the sun, a book and a latte.

  1. What’s your biggest professional fail?

I’ve had several. I’m not the type to aim for a perfect score by doing little to finish 3-0. I’m more of the 112 – 82 type. My ratio remains good, but I’ve never been afraid to go for it and try multiple avenues.

  1. Outside of the agency, what are your hobbies?

In no particular order: cooking with my daughters, reading, running, training, snowboarding in the winter, hiking, my friends and eating way too much Mont Blanc at my local ice cream shop.

  1. What inspires you in life?

It doesn’t take particularly significant events or people to inspire me. I am very sensitive to simple things because I have a fairly developed “contemplative” side. Those who know me well know that I can stay stuck for a long time on details while walking in the forest.