Up close with Florence

Posted 3 November 2021 by Véronique Gravel-Bousquet in Once upon a time

Florence, the Excel spreadsheet pro, talks to us about anything and everything over a cappuccino.

What was the first ad that got you hooked?


There isn’t one in particular. I love advertising in general, and when I was little, I would refuse to let my parents mute the commercials that were on TV. I’m the person who listens to movie or TV credits in full. I love knowing who worked on which project.

As a project manager, what is your favourite task?

The beast that feeds me is the steps before a project starts. I’m talking about things like putting the budget together in Excel, obviously, but also creating the schedule and of to-do lists in our project management tool.

Since we are in an Italian agency, what is your favourite coffee?

For a long time, my favourite coffee was the latte. To me, the best parts are the crema and the foam, and the day I realized that I could have more of that with a cappuccino, my life changed. In my student days, I went around cafes to taste the different cappuccinos. My favourite is at Café Larue, near the Jean-Talon market, a must try!

Outside of the agency, what are your hobbies?

Cooking is my stress relief; it focuses me, in addition to giving me instant gratification.

I have a little addiction to… shoes, given that a successful outfit starts with shoes. And one of my favourite excuses for my collection is that we live in Quebec. Yay for getting four intense seasons, a perfect reason to have an outsized collection!

My guilty pleasure (not!) is Celine Dion; if I could, every morning I’d sing I’m Alive out loud, but hey, I live in Montreal and I am mindful of my neighbours. My favourite song is Pour que tu m’aimes encore.

Clovis, my Frenchton, a Boston Terrier and French Bulldog mix, is my bundle of joy. His snoring at night calms me down. What’s more, he comes to work with me every week, a dream!

Who inspires you in life?

My current girl crush is Lena Situation, a 23-year-old vlogger. What I like about her is her authenticity in a media where that is pretty rare. She presents herself as she is, with her ups and downs. She reveals to us the different aspects of her personality and her life, all while doing what she loves. I find her storytelling excellent.