Time to Sing the Birthday Song Rinaldi turns 20

It all started on August 14, 1994.

I was fortunate enough to have health, will power, and solid relations with some of the great people within the advertising and communications industry. So I went for it.

I acquired my first loyal clients in a field that I love: the automotive industry.

With time, my little company expanded to offer services in many different spheres. Looking back, I realize just how dramatically the business has evolved. When Rinaldi first started, the team was composed of only four people and so everyone worked on everything. Then, as the years progressed, we slowly raised the head count. Groupe Rinaldi (our name in the early 2000s) joined T-CAAN (Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network) in 2002 to interact with other professionals from the field. That is when I met my two mentors, Frank Palmer and Alan Quarry, great Canadian admen who helped me tremendously. I quickly learned that any business is first and foremost about service, relationships, transparency, honesty, and integrity.

Twenty years later, we have clients who have been with us for a considerable length of time, such as the Quebec Subaru Dealer Association, and Discount Quebec. In my eyes, the bond that links us to these clients is so strong that I feel as if it were my company.

Every single day, I think of what I can do to increase the brand awareness and sales. When I take a minute to think about it all, I realize that I still love what I do, and so I wake up every morning enthusiastic to go to work. Sure, things keep changing and these changes bring about new challenges, but we must overcome them in order to grow.

That’s why we created a social and interactive media department, as well as an experiential department at Agence Rinaldi. In the social environment, we no longer control the message; we manage the dialog. That’s an exciting perspective, which is going to make for a promising future.

As I lay down my pen, I wonder why I did not write this article on a tablet. Hmmm, I guess some things will require a longer time to adapt.

I’m looking forward to the next twenty years.

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