The world of corpo-creativity

Posted 28 January 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Our experts

Education. Virtual tour, microsite, webinar, 360 video, digital campaign… the last open house days of private educational institutions and of some public ones as well have given rise to the deployment of new tools and technologies, aimed at replicating the atmosphere of a face-to-face visit.

These initiatives, which in some cases have transformed open house days in an open house week, were not taken in vain. On the contrary, they allowed the exploration and combination of new creative strategies to reach highly sought-after target customers.

At Maestro, we have always practiced this quest for differentiation and effective originality. We call it “corpo-creativity”, or how to come up with a distinctive institutional communication. Whether for a government organization, an association, a manufacturer, an institution or a corporation, our approach to B-to-B corporate communication is based on a desire to faithfully convey the brand image of these organizations, in a singular manner. And as I often say: anything but commonplace. We are doomed to be creative.

That said, even when we will have overcome the current difficult situation and the institutions will once again be able to receive visitors, these means of communication will remain essential in the strategic mix. And we will be at the forefront because our schooling approach.


Éric Léouzon | Director, Business Development and President of Maestro