The Rinaldi-Maestro agency produces a campaign for Geloso and Occupation Double

Posted 22 September 2022 by Rinaldi in Communiqué de presse

In 2022, the Rinaldi-Maestro agency continued its collaboration with Groupe Geloso by producing a campaign to promote its partnership with Occupation Double Martinique. This mandate targeted two specific categories of drinks: Bulles de nuit and Shaker Mixology.

In order to cement the place of Geloso drinks in the glamorous and party-loving world of OD, we created TV commercials that were aired on Noovo during episodes of the show. For Bulles de nuit, the commercial spotlights the brand’s original classic bubbly with hints of peach and apple, the strawberry and hibiscus-flavoured rosé, and the refreshingly citrusy mimosa. The bottle of rosé is uncorked to an upbeat tune, creating an explosion that would put any champagne to shame and plunging the viewers in a mouth-wateringly effervescent sea of bubbles.

As for Shaker Mixology, our team emphasized the variety and summery vibe of the brand through four of its most popular flavours: Heart Breaker, Pineapple Punch, Pink Limonade, and Tropical Twist. The ad features ice-cold cans surrounded by a profusion of fresh fruit including raspberries, pineapple, and oranges. Yum!

Additionally, the Rinaldi-Maestro agency reused eye-catching visuals from the commercials to design animated banners for OD’s website and outdoor advertising – all in order to anchor the brand in the minds of Quebec consumers, while showing that the partnership between Geloso and Occupation Double is truly a love story for the ages.

Bulles de nuit :

Shaker Mixologie :