The Rinaldi-Maestro agency builds a new website for ACQ Résidentiel

Posted 23 September 2022 by Rinaldi in Communiqué de presse

The Rinaldi-Maestro agency is delighted to announce the creation of a new website for ACQ Résidentiel, a subsidiary of the Association de la construction du Québec, specifically designed for consumers. This project is part of a larger collaboration with ACQ Résidentiel, for whom we previously created a different microsite geared towards contractors.

The objectives of the mandate were manifold. Among other things, the website was to communicate the mission and services of ACQ Résidentiel to the general public, serve as the main point of information on the different types of warranties in the field of real estate, and invite visitors to either purchase a warranty or ask for quotes. As for the target audience, it included all consumers searching for a warranty for their real estate project, as well as those with no prior knowledge of the services offered by ACQ Résidentiel.

The Rinaldi-Maestro agency therefore developed and produced a website hosted by WordPress and accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop formats. We took charge of all UX and UI aspects, tailoring our calls to action to each specific warranty in order to facilitate user navigation.

Keeping the target audience in mind, we were careful to adopt an educational tone that reflected the expertise of ACQ Résidentiel while remaining accessible and friendly. This balance helps showcase ACQ Résidentiel as a benevolent company that gives consumers peace of mind by offering them a wide range of solutions for all their real estate warranty needs.