The most impressive Super Bowl commercial

The Super Bowl wasn’t necessarily the anticipated occasion for a David Bowie tribute. However, Audi managed to do so remarkably. After the tragic death of David Bowie on January 10th, Audi uses the famous song “Starman” in its “The Commander” ad broadcasted during Super Bowl 50. It is worth mentioning that this ad is also a touching ode to all astronauts.

Carried by the memories of the space race, a retired astronaut loses his enthusiasm. When his son comes to visit and gives him the keys to the new Audi R8 V10, he feels alive again. After driving the “rocket” under the stars, the commander is as happy as his younger years.

Although Audi does not decide to go with a funny ad, their creation is just as impressive for the Super Bowl. The commercial shows realistic scenes of a take off, a spaceship and flashbacks from the astronaut’s younger years. A perfect match between the song “Starman” and the space shuttle take off.

Audi states that their Super Bowl ad proves that “extraordinary things happen when you’re exploring technology and the moon” – just as the eternal heritage from David Bowie.

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