The customer experience in urgent need of redefinition

Posted 31 March 2023 Florence in OpinionUncategorized

Any consumer living in our post-pandemic society can observe a breakdown in the quality of service and more largely of customer experience. It may be temptingly easy to point fingers at usual suspects, such as staff shortages or abrupt changes in buying behaviours; but in order to understand the problem, it is important for us to contextualize this tendency within a wider framework. 


The rapid and almost frenzied integration of technology into both our personal and professional lives has brought us numerous advantages, as well as its share of unsuspected pitfalls. Technology has compelled us to adapt our behaviours and attitudes at breakneck speed, sometimes to the point of throwing away our privacy at the touch of a keyboard button for the sake of saving time. 


The business sector is no exception to the rule. In our efforts to modernize and improve performance, we often delegate to technology a series of interactions that cannot function without the human element. As a too-frequent result, the consumer is left unsatisfied, while tech companies keep chasing after profitability and client retention. 


This context highlights a need to reexamine what we define as the contribution of brand experience to customer experience. Judging by the multiple studies on the growing number of disappointed consumers (even in the United States alone), the problem of customer experience is a pressing business issue. 

Here at Rinaldi, this reflection that simultaneously involves our clients, our strategists, and our creatives is well underway. Despite having already developed a series of successful approaches, we understand the need to keep the conversation alive a conversation in which technology is reexamined without being put on trial, and where the consumer is not king, but rather the object of sincere, rigorous, and constantly evolving efforts. 

If you are concerned by these issues, we invite you to reach out to us; together, we can explore how to reach your targets.