Subaru Showcased Front and Centre at the Auto Show

In the context of the Auto Show, where all automobile manufacturers try to grab the attention of the public, it is absolutely crucial to get noticed.
Year after year, Agence Rinaldi succeeds in this mission, by being original and displaying creativity.
However, in order to get noticed, an advertiser needs to demonstrate media creativity. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Be innovative
Dare. Learn to take advantage of space; don’t hesitate to get out of the imposed framework, using new technologies which will give you an edge on your competitors. The quality of a creation, an innovating idea or yet again an ingenious placement: here’s what makes the difference between a profitable placement and a simple expense.

Be original
This year’s objective was to create a strong impression. We’ve decided to use the space where visitors came in, by showing a video on a giant wall made of 32 screens measuring 55 inches each.

Be coherent
Ensure a presence every year. Loyal visitors come back year after year, and will certainly notice that the brand keeps renewing its creativity.

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