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Brand image

Your essence and your aspirations, translated into one strong, coherent image

What is brand image? In simple terms, it is the positioning, personality and tone that characterize the way a brand or company communicates about its products and services, in addition to its visual identity.

And with the proliferation of brands, a strong brand image is essential to enable a company or product to establish itself in the minds of consumers and stay there. The brand image includes objective criteria (results and reputation of the company, quality and advantages of the product, price, services offered, etc.) and subjective criteria (image of the company and/or the product, consumer interests, symbolism, comparison with the competition, etc.).

Agence Rinaldi will work with you to position or reposition your brand within your industry so that you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and establish a distinct identity in the minds of your clients or consumers. This approach includes:

  • Defining your products and/or services;
  • Identifying your target audience;
  • Completing a market and competitive analysis;
  • Identifying your brand promise;
  • Establishing the positioning, personality and visual identity of the brand.
  • Finally, a good brand image will be able to engage consumers so that they develop a real sense of trust and attachment to your brand.
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