Rinaldi produces new ad for Bulles de Nuit

Posted 30 September 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Inspired by our clients

Agence Rinaldi has produced an integrated ad in collaboration with the Geloso Group to promote the Bulles de Nuit product line. The humorous video featuring former Occupation Double candidate Kevin Lapierre and comedian Alex Lapointe will air on TV and the web throughout the new OD dans l’Ouest.

Rinaldi has been working with the beverage producer and distributor since last spring, and has participated in the summer campaigns for Bacardi Breezer Seltzer Botanical and Pepito Light products. For Occupation Double dans l’Ouest, Bulles de Nuit wanted to showcase its creativity and anchor its automatic association to the Quebec reality TV show.

“OD nights with Bulles de Nuit have become a staple for Quebecers, who aren’t shy about the show being their guilty pleasure. We definitely played on that aspect with a touch of humour,” says Carolyn Guay-Lafrance, Director of Account Servicing at Rinaldi.

“It’s become a ritual for my gang and I; we pop open a bottle of Bulles de nuit every Sunday!” confirms Alex Lapointe, comedian and unapologetic fan of Occupation Double.


Advertiser: Groupe Geloso – Melissa Iulianella, Suha Quraini

Agency: Rinaldi

Strategy and advisory service: Sébastien Cassagnes, Carolyn Guay-Lafrance

Production manager: Carolyn Guay-Lafrance

Talents: Kevin Lapierre, Alex Lapointe

Direction, camera and editing: Nicolas Grégoire-Leblanc

Sound recording: Kyle Loadenthal

Audio mix: Michel Marier

Colouration: Pierre-Luc Rioux