Recipe for Successful Online Advertising / Part 2

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of setting objectives, as well as selecting your audience and channels for your online advertising campaigns. Now, how do you plan on executing your efforts? Online marketing campaigns require plenty of forethought and coordination.

Here are a few more steps to consider when launching your campaign:

5. Prepare your creative
Depending on your media, be ready with any logos, ad copy, images, website visuals to be launched with your campaign. For more technical visuals, such as video banners or  interactive tablet ads, you will need to plan ahead for programming time and costs. If a microsite is part of your plan, make sure it’s accessible on mobile devices through responsive design.

If you’re planning an integrated campaign, verify that your online visuals are in synch with your offline media. Doing so will allow consumers to have a constant experience wherever they see your offer.

6. Pick a relevant landing page Direct your potential customers to a landing page of your website that is coherent with your ad, rather than just taking them to your homepage. Otherwise, you’re likely to see high bounce rates on your site. Depending on your conversion goals, design your landing page landing page to make it as easy as possible for the person to take the next step in the conversion funnel.

7. Monitor progress
Ask your provider for a status report to track your campaign’s performance as it rolls out. If necessary, optimize by tweaking the creative, the ad copy or the targeting settings (audience, location, etc.) to yield better results.

8. Analyze the results
Keep in mind that you must measure results based on the objectives you set at the beginning of the campaign. Assess your KPIs and the impact your campaign had on your business’ online and offline activities.

Use Google Analytics to measure conversions and website activities during the campaign.

With this data, you can better define your product’s target audience and decide whether online campaigns are successful enough to be included in your future marketing plans.

A recent Comscore study indicated that as Canadians are increasingly devoting time to online activities, they are also using multiple devices to access their information. Knowing this, how do you plan to make your make your brand’s voice stand out? Coordinating your online efforts with your offline strategies will no doubt help you stay ahead of the curve and build a winning brand.

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