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Québec Subaru Dealers Association

Integrated media campaigns
for the Subaru Dealers Association of Quebec

Subaru - Le Québec c'est...

The brief

In order to position itself as the ultimate range of vehicles for adventurers, the Subaru Dealers Association of Quebec had decided to put the spotlight on Quebec. Overflowing with breathtaking landscapes and varied activities, the province was the ideal spokesperson to encourage adventure.

Our approach

This is how the theme "Quebec is ..." was born. Around these few words, followed by various impressive statistics on the province, a unique campaign that shows off Quebec unfolds. "Quebec is…" our river, our lighthouses, our strawberry fields, our trails to explore and much more.

The results

The primary goal of the marketing campaign deployed on different platforms (print, digital, radio, television) was to promote the monthly offers. Despite major inventory issues for many of the most popular models for the second half of 2019, we still noted an increase in sales over the previous year. As the campaign continued, 2020 marked a record year in sales in spite of the pandemic. Finally, visits to the client’s website went up by 27 %, and the conversion rate, by 75 %.

Subaru - Le Québec c'est...
Subaru - Le Québec c'est - Tablet
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