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Québec Subaru Dealers Association

Integrated media campaigns
for the Subaru Dealers Association of Quebec

Subaru - Le Québec c'est...

The Subaru business challenge

In order to position itself as the ultimate range of vehicles for adventurers, whatever their activity of choice, the Subaru Dealers Association of Quebec has decided to put the spotlight on Quebec, and has done so since the launch of its summer 2019 campaign.

Overflowing with breathtaking landscapes and varied activities, the province of Quebec is the ideal spokesperson to encourage adventure. The marketing campaign invites the public to explore Quebec in all its glory aboard a Subaru. It also emphasizes the reliability, performance and endurance of the vehicles, which do not shy away from adventure. The criteria of return on investment and dissemination of the offer to the target audience were at the heart of the marketing strategy.

The marketing solution provided to Subaru

This is how the theme "Quebec is ..." was born. Around these few words, followed by various impressive statistics on the province, a unique campaign that shows off Quebec unfolds. We kicked off that campaign with a summer version of the concept: "Quebec is…" our river, our lighthouses, our strawberry fields, our fishing spots, our trails to explore, our camping grounds, and much more.

The marketing campaign is deployed on different platforms: print, digital, radio and television. Other visuals containing brand new destinations and activities have been created to suit the subsequent seasons.

The execution of the marketing campaign for Subaru

The primary goal of the marketing campaign was to promote the monthly offers. Normally, the "Quebec is ..." theme would have been used for a single term, but we decided to extend its duration. This continuity, which reinforces the message, helps us to increase the brand’s awareness rate. When we see or hear "Quebec is ...", we think of Subaru. The marketing campaign anchors a feeling of belonging to Quebec and, therefore, to the brand.

Highlighting the landscapes and activities in all of Quebec’s regions has earned us a great deal of positive comments. The audience has mentioned among other things that our advertisements tell them a lot about their province. The theme also allows us to adapt the content to the model of car presented. The 2019 Outback model in red, for example, is paired with a cranberry marsh. The whole thing is accompanied by the statistic "Quebec is 80 cranberry fields. Enjoy!”. The colour palette makes the product shine.

Despite major inventory issues for many of the most popular models for the second half of 2019, we still noted an increase in sales over the previous year.

In addition, media planning on both traditional and digital platforms has been integrated into the visual strategy by favouring industry categories related to outdoor activities and nature enthusiasts. This combination of media and creativity was a key factor in the success of the project.

Subaru - Le Québec c'est...
Subaru - Le Québec c'est - Tablet
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