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École Marie-Clarac

Rinaldi designs a new brand image for École Marie-Clarac

Marie-Clarac image entête

The brief

In the context of its 2022 Portes Ouvertes campaign, École Marie-Clarac turned to the Rinaldi-Maestro agency for a complete overhaul of its artistic direction. After spending the past four years updating the same visuals for its recruitment campaigns, the school wanted to freshen up its brand image in order to improve its status in the competitive field of education.

Our approach

For the agency, the goal was to create graphic elements that would reflect the institution’s motto – “Learn to become” – while conveying the superior quality of the education it offers, its devotion towards its students, and its environment that promotes children’s personal growth.

To do so, the agency used the school’s coat of arms as a means to highlight its reason for being, a.k.a. its students. By simplifying the shape of the crest, we transformed it into a frame for photographs of students placed on a backdrop of the institution’s emblematic colours. Each student placed at the centre of the crest thereby represents what is at the heart of ÉMC’s mission, while the frame evokes the notions of community, safety, and tradition.

We then adapted this impactful image to various formats, including web banners, magazine advertisements, and promotional pamphlets, all of which now reflect ÉMC’s new brand image.

Marie-Clarac logo versions Logo École Marie-Clarac
Marie-Clarac logo versions Forme des armoires
Marie-Clarac logo versions Forme simplifiée
personne passant devant annonces Marie-Clarac
couleurs et polices de branding
grille de photos des élèves et de l'école
maquette du dépliant Marie-Clarac
maquette du dépliant Marie-Clarac
maquettes de mobile et tablette avec microsite Marie-Clarac
maquettes de mobile et tablette avec site web Marie-Clarac