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Mont Sutton

Mont Sutton, Website redesign

Refonte du site Web du Mont Sutton

the task : website redesign

Mont Sutton wanted to renew its presence on the web and maximize its points of interaction with the community. The company wanted to offer its clientele a web experience centered on user experience and to facilitate navigation when searching for information on activities, news and seasonal promotions at the mountain. It also wanted to create new pages that would be more attractive to encourage users to spend more time browsing the website. Their goal was to continue to develop trusting relationships with their clientele, as well as with subscribers to their newsletter and social media account. They wanted to communicate effectively while showcasing the personality of the Mont Sutton brand.

solution: technology and emotion

WordPress was the technology of choice, both for the ease with which the Mont Sutton teams could use the platform, as well as for its great flexibility and its natural referencing performance. In terms of design and user experience, we favoured atypical paths, because the site’s historical visitors did not come from the home page, but rather from pages related to the weather conditions and the snow conditions on the mountain's trails. While taking this into account, we also wanted to see the values of the ski resort and its unique atmosphere reflected in the navigation. Moreover, since the site’s content is updated by the mountain team, we wanted to implement tools that would be easy for them to use.

execution and web integration of the "Purely Sutton" experience

The completely revamped website offers a more intuitive user experience, new features and a 100% adaptive interface. Its new design represents the company's brand image. In addition, new landing pages have been created in line with the company’s digital campaigns. We made sure that the pages had relevant internal links, that the call to action buttons were well positioned on each page, and that the text used encouraged users to continue browsing the site. Tools such as security plug-ins and SEO tools were implemented to increase the site's ranking on the results pages of search engines such as Google, Safari, and Edge. A new strategy of diversified and quality content was also developed to support the company's marketing objectives.

In addition, the site was integrated with the mountain management system as well as with the newly implemented CRM solution.

Refonte du site Web du Mont Sutton
Site Web responsive pour Mont Sutton
Refonte du site Web du Mont Sutton
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