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Makgeolli header image

The brief

In 2021, Brasserie Vrooden embarked on a new venture: the production of a makgeolli, a Korean rice wine. Agence Rinaldi was tasked with creating this new product’s entire visual identity, from its name and logo to its web page.

Our approach

To firmly highlight the Korean origins of this made in Quebec product, at Carol Duplain's suggestion, the creative team first designed the makgeolli’s logo focused around the symbol of the magpie, Korea’s emblematic bird. After some research and a few brainstorms, the creatives presented several name ideas to Brasserie Vrooden. In the end, it was decided that the rice wine would be called Geonbae, the Korean equivalent to “Cheers!” in English, a perfect name for a festive drink associated with joyful celebrations and wonderful moments shared with friends and family. Every effort was made to show the utmost respect for this drink that has been brewed for 2,000 years in Korea, but remains little known in our corner of the world.

The results

The future looks bright for Brasserie Vrooden’s made in Quebec makgeolli. Recently, Carol Duplain had the good fortune to present his Geonbae during an event held at the Korean consulate, where the quality and the authenticity of his product were saluted. The guests were quite impressed by both the delicious makgeolli and the bottle with its elegant logo.

Makgeolli example mobile
Makgeolli bouteille
Makgeolli example laptop