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Integrated Campaign for Bota Bota Spa

Bota Bota - Hors du Temps

The Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau Challenge

Agence Rinaldi was awarded the new annual campaign for Bota Bota, spa-sur-l’eau following the reappointment. The campaign aimed to reaffirm the unique character of the brand and the positioning of its offer in Montreal as an urban spa, as well as to promote the various offers to audiences, in order to generate the acquisition of new customers and to reactivate an existing clientele.

The objective was to promote this unique spa in the world: its offers and services of massage therapy, body and facial treatments, manicures and pedicures, its yoga and pilates classes, as well as its on-board catering service. As the spa experienced key periods and strong seasonality with particularly busy times of the year, the challenge was considerable.

Solution - An integrated campaign

We therefore proposed to create an integrated campaign for traditional and digital media which, while highlighting the special soul of the Montreal spa located in the Old Port, would meet the criteria of return on investment as well as the brand's growth objectives.

We would then create visuals that would convey the image of a service focused on well-being and a feeling of fullness, while presenting a commercial offer; to accomplish this tall order, we had to choose channels and a time of broadcast that would allow us to offer simple, yet elegant creative elements that would compel the audience to pause in contemplation for a moment.

Running the integrated campaign

It all started with brainstorming sessions between Rinaldi's creative team and the Bota Bota team. Ideas were flowing, artistic choices were made, and plans were set into motion: a photo shoot aboard the spa boat and the collection of visuals that we subsequently modified to be made into real works of art. Thanks to the positioning of the models and the retouching, the romantic and streamlined visuals were made to look like oil paintings.

Strategy and media planning played key roles in maintaining the magical side of the images and in promoting the offers. For starters, the creative elements used for the brand awareness component had very little text. Instead, we chose to engage the audience. By leveraging traditional and digital media on promotional channels for brand awareness, we generated a high volume of visits to the spa website. Secondly, we chose to retarget people attracted by the first campaigns to promote the specific offers of Bota Bota.

So, from the visitors' point of view, the discovery of the brand went smoothly and calmly, as they learned about the offers drop by drop, over the flow of tide and time.

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