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Guy Lafleur Wine & Spirits

Guy Lafleur Wine & Spirits, branding and packaging design

Vins et spiritueux Guy Lafleur

the issue of visual identity

When it comes to developing the design elements of the product line offered by Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits,as well as planning the marketing for the product launches, Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier place their trust in Agence Rinaldi.

The product line of Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits was developed in collaboration with the best winemakers and consultants in the country. Some of these products are available at the SAQ and on the Tawse Winery website, while others are available by private import only. A total of 1,500 souvenir gift boxes have been launched, containing a bottle of wine from the Grand Vin Invitation series signed by Guy Lafleur. This autumn, two new products will also make their debut on the market – Gin #10, as well as a sparkling wine. Eventually, they will be joined by a whiskey and a vodka.

Agence Rinaldi is proud to participate in this project, helping make Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits known throughout North America.

We handled the graphic design and printing of labels for the bottles and gift boxes. The agency also managed press relations: from Guy Lafleur's appearance on the Radio-Canada radio show Tout le monde en parle to his interview with Paul Arcand on the radio show Puisqu'il faut se lever.

solution for the visual identity of the wine and its execution

The bottle label we designed respects the labeling tradition for good wine, while also giving a nod to Guy Lafleur's glory years. We underlined Lafleur’s cultural significance with, among other things, red and blue stripes that recall his years in the tricolour uniform of the Montreal Canadiens.

visual identity for Guy Lafleur gin

For Guy Lafleur gin, we designed a refined yet sophisticated visual to promote the product. With gin becoming more and more popular, our design is firmly anchored in the spirit of the times and meets the expectations of true connoisseurs.

Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier turned to Agence Rinaldi after being disappointed with the results of their collaboration with an Ontario agency specializing in packaging. These results were not up to par with the quality of the products and, above all, with the man behind them. Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier had a very specific idea of what they wanted in terms of graphic design and packaging. The idea was to reflect the high-end side of the products while making reference to the great man himself. Agence Rinaldi gathered all its creative players around this challenging project – including several fans of "Le Démon Blond". We presented several concepts to the two businessmen, one of which was an immediate hit. And this was just the beginning of the great story between the Agence Rinaldi and Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits! Once the labels and gift boxes were delivered, the agency's media expertise contributed to the success of the launch through newspaper articles, radio shows, and television programs. More than one million impressions were generated on each platform, at no cost, thanks to Agence Rinaldi's press relations.

The launch of Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits was very successful. All of the limited edition boxes were sold, as were the other wines in the product line. Very satisfied with our services, Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier decided to entrust us with the creation of packaging for their entire range, including Gin #10, sparkling wine and – coming soon – a vodka and a whisky. More recently, Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier asked the agency to take over the management of their Facebook page. Our team also handles their digital campaigns on this same platform.

Guy Lafleur
Guy Lafleur - spirits bottles
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