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Guy Lafleur Wine & Spirits

Guy Lafleur Wine & Spirits, branding and packaging design

Vins et spiritueux Guy Lafleur

The brief

Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier commissioned Agence Rinaldi with developing the design elements of the Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits product range, as well as planning its marketing and digital campaigns. The idea was to reflect the high-end side of the products while acknowledging the great man himself.

Our approach

Our concept for the wines respects the labelling tradition for good wine, while also giving a nod to Guy Lafleur's glory years, thanks to red and blue stripes that evoke his time with the Montreal Canadiens. For the gin, we came up with a refined yet sophisticated visual, and used a design anchored in the spirit of the times to appeal to true connoisseurs.

The results

Thanks to the agency, the Guy Lafleur Wine and Spirits Facebook page went from 436 followers to 14,407 followers, a +3,204.36% jump! Launched in 2020, the gin has been a smash hit, with bottles flying off the shelves at record speeds!

Guy Lafleur
Guy Lafleur - spirits bottles
Guy Lafleur - business cards
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