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Bureau du Taxi de Montréal

Advertising campaigns for Taxi Montreal

Bureau du Taxi de Montréal - Design et création pour le Bureau du taxi de Montréal

The Bureau du Taxi challenge, and its solution

This project included visuals for the 2020 campaign, as well as visuals for email signatures. We needed to position BTM as a safe and reliable option for consumers. Given the fierce competition (Uber and others), it was important that the aesthetics chosen be anchored in Montreal's identity. The campaign also wanted to position cab drivers as guides to the city. In addition to a safe ride, by taking a Montreal cab, clients enjoy privileged access to Montreal's most delicious secrets.

Execution: expert positioning

Two visuals were designed, one featuring the Olympic Stadium, the other the Old Port. A catchy slogan accompanied the design: "For our drivers, Montreal has no secrets." A sentence was also added to signify that the drivers are the ones who know the best places for "a truly Italian coffee" and "the best cakes in town".

Bureau du Taxi de Montréal - C'est simple comme Bonjour
Bureau du Taxi de Montréal - 70e anniversaire
Bureau du Taxi de Montréal - Pas de secrets
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