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The brief

In order to improve the visibility of its mission, its warranties, and the services it provides for both constructors and individuals, ACQ Résidentiel (a subsidiary of the Association de la construction du Québec) turned to Agence Rinaldi-Maestro. Starting with car wrap advertising, the mandate then expanded to include the creation of marketing materials and development of microsites. On top of increasing the notoriety of ACQ Résidentiel, the onus was placed on vulgarizing its mission statement so that the general public would be able to understand its offer.

Our approach

For the agency, the challenge resided not only in creating subsidiaries of an existing brand, but also in coherently reformulating its statements in layman’s terms while keeping a serious, administrative tone. To stimulate brand recognition with constructors, we designed banners and pennants to display on construction sites covered by an ACQ Résidentiel warranty, while developing a microsite that clearly detailed each warranty and its benefits for business owners and other parties.

The results

The ACQ Résidentiel microsite for contractors is a true testimony to the interest generated by our car wrap advertising: the number of pages seen jumped to 2,696, while the total number of sessions reached 1,728. A microsite destined for consumers is currently being built, in order to better educate the public about the different warranties and benefits offered by ACQ Résidentiel.

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photo des employés de ACQ
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