Publicity stunt

City of  Drummondville



The City of Drummondville has experienced rapid development in recent years. So much so that it was necessary to have Quebecers update the perception they had of Drummondville. The city thus asked Agence Rinaldi to heighten its standing by launching a surprising and awe-inspiring campaign.


The agency chose to break away from traditional municipal advertising campaigns by leveraging the City’s unique status as the inventor of the poutine, a dish served across the world, to embark on an international trip whose sole purpose was to speak loud and clear about all the elements that make this Centre-du-Québec city stand out.


The agency opted for a 60 seconds TV spot that not only stands out in terms of format when looking at municipal advertisement, but also pushes the boundaries within the category. The result : a friendly ambassador eagerly telling whoever wants to hear it about the city he’s from, breathtaking footage of New York, Panama City and Tokyo and locals happy to attempt to pronounce Drummondville. In short, amusing situations that serve to subtly showcase the city’s main features and attractions to Quebec viewers. The resulting advertisement was televised via a short and intensive campaign of 8 million impressions in the span of a few days. The campaign was further supported by Web and social media components. In fact, the final shot of the video shows a URL that leads to an animated website where the experience continues, and where a longer version of the ad can be found.

A bold and dynamic tour de force, worthy of Drummondville and its agency!

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