Agence Rinaldi produces a new ad for Poppers

Posted 6 May 2022 by Rinaldi in Inspired by our clients

Agence Rinaldi is behind the most recent ad for Groupe Geloso’s Poppers brand and its new line of lemonades.

Just like the products it showcases, the advertisement campaign is intense, colourful and festive. Traveling through an electronic jungle setting, we discover the three new Poppers flavours, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz Lemonade and Coconut Lemonade.

The video at the heart of the campaign transports us into an electrified and electrifying jungle where fauna and flora fight to get a hold of the refreshing LEMONAAADE! And all this, to the beat of a catchy dance track that will make anyone want to party.

In addition to the web ads, there will be a POS campaign to support the promotional efforts until the end of summer.

Announcer: Groupe Geloso —Melissa Iulianella, GianCarlo Geloso
Agency: Rinaldi

Account Servicing: Carolyn Guay-Lafrance, Véronique Gravel-Bousquet
Artisitc Direction: Carol-Ann D’Amour
Copywriting: Pier Lalonde
Digital Material: Carol-Ann D’Amour, Robert Sonin
Media: Quentin Rupp

Production Company: Deep Rock Production – Jordan Lavery