Once upon a time, peace and happiness

Posted 15 October 2020 by Agence Rinaldi in Once upon a time
Once upon a time… the sound of machine guns being heard as a child. The sound of bullets wheezing around as a child. The sight of soldiers, people running around with guns, seen as a child. The screaming and chaos heard as a child. Danger looms around my country as a child. Parts of my childhood in Tanganyika, East Africa.
The sight of snow for the first time and looking upon it as ice-cream as a child. The quietness and the friendliness of the people, seen as a child. The welcoming and the compassion of people for the child in this new country. The absence of soldiers with guns, not seen by this child. The safety and the happiness felt by this child. Happy to be in my new country by this child.
Proud to be Canadian.
Judy Manoo | Adjointe exécutive