Once upon a time, Montreal through the eyes of a Quebec City Girl

Posted 16 October 2020 by Agence Rinaldi in Once upon a time
Once upon a time, Montreal. I left my hometown, Quebec City, to migrate to this huge cultural salad bowl during the summer of 2018. Montreal had always fascinated me: less than three hours from home, I could find a city where anything seemed possible, and where apparently the winter was milder and shorter than at home.
From the culinary diversity to the countless cafes, through all the types of architecture adorning the different neighbourhoods; from the nightlife, to the education and work opportunities for my future, Quebec’s metropolis was attractive in every sense of the word. Even after two years here, I feel like I have enjoyed only a tiny fraction of what Montreal has to offer me. Every month, I discover something new: a neighbourhood, a restaurant, a park, a hobby. I am still so impressed by the amazing public transport system, which is miles away from the one of a smaller city, with its network of metro lines and hundreds of BIXI stations!
Everything is in constant motion here, but one thing is certain, I will not tire of this warm and vibrant city in any time soon.
Anne-Sophie | intern coordinator