New UX Trend: the Rise of Fixed Menus

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All programmers agree: the browsing experience is one of the most important things about a website.Despite that, it’s unfortunately not always well conceived.

Traditionally, users must scroll up on a website to access the main menu. However, there’s a solution to avoid that: fixed menus!

This type of navigation, which we designate as fixed or sticky (both terms are used), is essentially a menu that’s locked at the top of the browser, in order to remain visible and accessible even when the user scrolls down. It offers several advantages:

1. Navigation with Fixed Menus is 22% More Efficient
When users are able to find what they look for faster, it has a great impact on the quality of the browsing experience. In average, fixed navigation reduces the duration of a visit on a website by about 36 seconds. This means that if a users browses for 5 minutes using a non-fixed menu, the experience will last 12% longer.

2. 100% of Users Prefer Using Fixed Navigation
The results of some tests on two versions of the same interface reveal that 85% of participants found the site with fixed navigation was easier to use and that 100% of them said it was more efficient.

3. Fixed menus are mobile-friendly…
Of course, fixed menus are also perfectly adapted for browsing on mobile devices. And nowadays, that’s practically indispensable. What we tend to overlook is that fixed navigation has been around for a long time… When using software, we’re accustomed to having access to the browsing menu at all times, with reason. So why should we keep ourselves from that kind of efficiency online? Here are a few examples of well-used fixed menus:

– One of our own web projects: Fondation Cité de la Santé

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