New campaign for Subaru Fleet

Posted 28 April 2022 by Rinaldi in Advertising

Agence Rinaldi-Maestro collaborates once more with its long-time client Subaru Fleet for the creation and launch of a new campaign aimed at purchasing directors of automotive fleets in both the English and French markets.

At the beginning of this year, the agency was briefed with developing a print and digital campaign that would be in line with Subaru’s national branding strategy, “Welcome to uncommon”. This ad would have to highlight all the Subaru characteristics that fit the bill when it comes to meeting the criteria sought by fleet purchasing agents (total cost of ownership, residual value, safety, etc.).

The Rinaldi-Maestro creative team’s mission was to find the best way to present this information to a target audience that is understandingly pragmatic, while still keeping things catchy. It was by focusing on professions that require the use of fleet vehicles that the concept was born. The campaign puts the national brand slogan front and centre, along with the promise offered by these outstanding reliable and safe cars: Welcome to uncommon peace of mind. For the visual, the team was inspired by those fun little sketches that many car owners put on their back windshield to represent their family. Here, the doodles depict people of different professions that need to drive around as part of their job.

“The idea was to make the message as clear and concise as possible, while still respecting Subaru’s national branding. I’d say it is mission accomplished for our creative team! On the digital banners, the website and the print ads, the message clearly communicates all the information that is crucial for the target audience, while also managing to get a smile out of them,” explains Amine Benbakhti, account manager for Agence Rinaldi-Maestro.