Meet Nathalie Mercier, our new Project Manager

Posted 2 June 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in News

Meet Nathalie Mercier, our new Project Manager!

“Agence Rinaldi-Maestro is very pleased to welcome Nathalie Mercier as our new Project Manager. She has extensive experience and skills that will allow the agency to continue growing,” emphasizes Sébastien Cassagnes, Vice-President of the agency.

“Nathalie has a vast experience as a Project Manager. Her sense of organization, her personality and her ability to carry out complex projects is a promise of success in the context of growth in which we operate at the agency,” adds Carolyn Guay-Lafrance, Director of Account Servicing.

With over 25 years of experience under her belt, including 22 years at DentsuBos, Nathalie knows every nook and cranny of the business, and masters them brilliantly. Having most recently worked in the field of consulting and production, she is also a trained graphic designer with a bachelor’s degree from UQAM. Her increased knowledge makes her an undeniable asset to our agency.

“I am happy to join the talented Rinaldi-Maestro team. I find sharing my experience with new colleagues and connecting with new clients stimulating. I look forward to participating in the realization and success of the agency’s projects”, states Nathalie.