Managing Your Social Media Well: 8 Tips

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1) Post regularly, with a consistent style

Of course, content quality is an important factor. However, to arouse real engagement, the frequency of posting plays a big role. Making a calendar might help you plan the timing and the frequency of your activities on social media. Don’t forget that a prolonged absence might have a negative impact on the loyalty of your audience.

2) Look at your stats regularly

Given the fact that these statistics are easily accessible, why not take full advantage of them? By doing so, you’ll know if your posts kindle engagement and you’ll learn more about your rush hour, the demographic profile of your users, their age, their geographic location, etc.

3) Always be reachable

It’s important to show that you’re there for your audience. Make sure to reply to private messages and to react to the comments that are written within posts directly on the page they’re on. It’s also recommended avoiding the outright deletion of negative comments. Instead, you can reply to them openly and politely, thus showing that your intention is to solve the problem. After this, it’s crucial to follow up, because an efficient reaction to a problem may turn a dissatisfied customer into a brand ambassador. Finally, when you plan on being offline, think about programming an automated response.

4) Create content that is likely to be shared

Of course, no one can predict whether the content of a given post will allow it to become viral. Virality cannot be programmed. However, it seems obvious that quality content – whether it’s informative, weird, inspiring, funny, surprising, etc. – is likely to have a better sharing potential. As you create your content, keep that in mind.

5) Monitor other pages

In online advertising just like in any other field, it’s important to get a feel of what’s going on in your industry. Visit the pages of big players to know about what works well and what doesn’t work so well for them, to get a feel of their growth rate and to find out to what extent they manage to arouse engagement. By doing so, you’ll have an accurate portrait of the ballpark you’re playing in.

6) Tell a story rather than sell

Nowadays, people would rather live an experience with a brand than being sold a product. With that in mind, remember that an image, a video or some form of interactive content might have more impact on your target audience than a post that resembles a classic advertisement. Think of the exchange as conversation rather than a sale, and results will likely follow.

7) Adapt your content to the social media platform you post on

Sometimes, sharing the exact same content on all platforms just doesn’t cut it. Each social medium has its usefulness, its identity and its function. By developing a good understanding of what works for each of them, you’ll be able to diversify your posts and adapt the content you post on each network to the audience that uses it.

8) Remain yourself

Although it’s important to keep an eye on your competitors’ work, don’t try to imitate them. Express yourself with a voice that is your own (or your client’s own). This way, you’ll have a better chance to forge meaningful links with your public, which will help you earn its engagement. Over time, communications with your audience that are more fluid and less corporate can become a powerful tool. Incidentally, be conscious of the voice and the tone you use, so you can be consistent in the expression of your brand image.

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