How to use LinkedIn to develop your business?

Posted 12 April 2022 by Véronique Gravel-Bousquet in Our experts

LinkedIn has more than revolutionized the business world. However, the vast majority of users will only add their profile photo, name and current job.

But if you developed this platform a little more, you could really grow your business! The possibilities and advantages are numerous:

  • You gain notoriety and increase your visibility.
  • You enrich your address book and find new customers.
  • You promote your business, increasing traffic to your website.
  • You facilitate the recruitment of your teams.
  • And above all… You can increase your business!

Where to start?

1. Complete 100% of your personal profile

  • Follow the tutorial by completing all the sections and adding your professional photo.
  • Customize your URL.
  • Complete your data with your professional information.
  • Customize the security of your account.
  • Interact with your community, create relevant content, give and receive recommendations.

2. Complete 100% of your company page

  • Follow the tutorial by completing all sections, including your logo, cover and first publications.
  • Customize the CTA to your website.
  • Publish relevant and attractive content (video, white paper, news, corporate life)
  • Mention and thank your teams in your publications.
  • Invite your network to follow your business page (100 credits per month).

3. Connect with other professionals by writing personalized messages.

  • Use your database linked to your professional address to connect with your customers, partners and colleagues.
  • To build new relationships, use the search bar to find professionals in your sector/company. Dare to play with filters to find your future partners, associates or customers.
  • Personalize your matchmaking messages using the 5 Ps (Polite, Relevant, Personalized, Professional, Praiseful).

Once these three steps have been completed, your digital identity is ready. You can now expand your customer portfolio and… generate leads!

4. Increase your company’s visibility with Linkedin Campaign Manager (free + media investment)

  • Choose your objective such as notoriety, consideration or conversions.
  • Define your targeting criteria: company size, company name, schools, interests, groups, skills, position, hierarchical level, and more…
  • Select your LinkedIn advertising format: Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads or Text Ads.
  • Set your budget and schedule.
  • Measure and optimize the results of your campaign.

5. Switch to Linkedin Sales Navigator (paid)

  • Save your existing LinkedIn connections as leads.
  • Synchronize Sales Navigator with your CRM.
  • Customize your Sales Navigator account by setting preferences (keywords, position, sectors, company size, company name or/and the regions you are targeting).
  • Activate your prospect lists with direct messages.
  • Use automation tools to customize your message templates.
  • Reactivate all prospects who have shown interest: discussion, white paper or video meeting.

You have all the cards in hand to boost your address book! It’s your turn!