Glide On: The Marketing Pros Help Shine a Light on the Ski Pros

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Photo 2019-11-05 13 15 32Are you familiar with the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance? At Agence Rinaldi, we definitely are! For the last seven years, we have edited, printed and designed the layout as well as the front cover of SKI PRO, the CSIA’s official magazine, something we are very proud of!

Some might be interested to learn that, though the printed version of the CSIA’s yearly publication is only available to the Alliance’s members, its online version is available to the public at large. Ski fanatics who check it out will find, among other things, pro tips to help them develop their technique, information about the latest equipment trends as well as pictures that might just make them want to quit their day job to start on a new path as a ski instructor themselves!

It’s worth noting that, last year, the CSIA celebrated 80 years of history! Here is an interesting fact to boot: when the Alliance was created in 1938, the first ski lessons were given next door to us, in the Laurentians! We invite you to visit to learn more about this important organization that boasts members from coast to coast, and, you can bet on it, in a ski resort near you!

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