Getting Ready for the New Twitter Profiles

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Another day, another social media platform redesign. If you manage a Twitter account for your brand, you will soon see a new layout for your profile page. Twitter has recently announced its enhanced profile design, as a means to appeal to Facebook users, in an attempt to grow beyond its devoted user base.


1. Cover image: It’s hard to deny the similarities with Facebook’s profile pages. A cover image (1500 x 500 px) is now displayed across the top of the page accompanied with the profile picture in the bottom left corner. No more wallpaper background image and having to worry about how it looks on different screen displays.

Before the redesign @StarbucksCanada

After the redesign @Starbucks

2. Best tweets: Your most popular tweets will be displayed slightly larger on your profile page to make it easier to find your best content.

3. Pinned tweet: Again, similar to Facebook, it will be possible to pin a tweet at the top of your stream. This is a great feature to highlight what your brand is about or to spotlight what’s new about your company.

Pinned tweet @SAP

4. Filtered tweets: Now you can choose which stream of tweets to see when viewing profiles: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

5. New display for Following and Follow: The list of followers and following users now looks like a Pinterest board. Here, Twitter displays the profile image, cover design, bio, and username.

List of following @Nike

As social media starts to mature, it will become harder for brands to stand out in all the noise. If your business proves to be helpful and engaged on Twitter, chances are your customers (followers) will be loyal for a long time.

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