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900f638c-f3fb-4c26-8910-efd043f1449b 2Some people are meant for great things…. Twice over! Guy Lafleur, whose legendary name is still very much associated with the Montreal Canadiens’ finest years (no disrespect to the New York Rangers or the Québec Nordiques) has embarked on a new adventure that may surprise you… The Flower has now become The Wine Maker!

The Guy Lafleur wines were created with the help of some of the best winemakers and consultants in Canada; some will be sold at the SAQ as of early 2020, while others will only be available through private import. Die hard hockey fans who are also wine connoisseurs will be interested to know that 1,500 Invitation box sets containing a bottle of Grand Vin signed by Guy Lafleur himself will also be launched. This limited edition product can be ordered at the following address: [email protected]

We are proud to say that Agence Rinaldi played a role in this project; we were tasked with promoting the Guy Lafleur wines all over North America, and we created all the graphic design aspects of the brand, from the labels on the bottles to the creation of the box sets and crates. Furthermore, a little birdie has told us that the Guy Lafleur brand still has a few surprises up its sleeve… Make sure you stay tuned for more!

We once compared Rinaldi and Maestro to two great vintages… how fitting that we should now help out a third one!

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