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To tell you the truth, the months of November and December have never been my favourites, at least in the advertising industry. As soon as Halloween is in the books, advertisers are already after Christmas. It’s a legit Klondike, to the point where we could almost open saloons where marketing directors armed with laptops would hang out, ready to shoot rounds of Facebook.

I’d like to step in one of those saloons to discuss strategy and work with these directors to find the right idea. Are we actually trying to look at things from the public’s point of view? You know, the public that is constantly targeted by Christmas knick-knack, decorated trees, reindeer? As an advertiser, isn’t your objective supposed to be claiming a territory as your own? When can we expect to see a female Santa, advertising space filled with shades of purple, or an app to deliver gifts with electric reindeer?

Invite me to the saloon and let’s reinvent the holidays from the ground up. And don’t worry: my only weapon will be a pencil.

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