Facebook changed its algorithm

On January 11, 2018, Facebook announced that the social media would progressively implement measures to prioritize the content shared by friends, at the expense of the content shared by business pages. In other words, the organic posts from business accounts would now stand behind.*

This change will directly affect companies sharing content on the platform, most likely a significant drop in the reach of those posts.

The new Facebook algorithm encourages brands to provide their audience with quality content that will bring it to interact. Then companies pay to have this content shown, for the business page to be well ranked.


Quality content + paid reach + active engagement = Relevance of your page

Concretely, in addition to planning engaging contents, the brands now need to allocate funds to the promotion of their organic contents towards their audience. This will need to be an integral part of their community management strategy.


The best approach is to increase the relevance of the posts.

To do so, the companies need to make sure their digital editorial strategy evolves in accordance with this new reality and keep up-to-date with the content consumer trends. For the last couple of years, video advertising has been gaining in popularity and is getting more important in the storytelling category.**

Last year, by adopting a new algorithm, Facebook chose to prioritize the longer video contents.** This content consumer trend has been consistently increasing over the last few years. For this reason, the companies will need to invest more in the production of quality content.

By targeting the audience with high precision, it is possible to make the best out of this situation. For example, a company will be able to increase its organic reach by targeting people who have a higher inclination to interact with its contents. That’s why it is essential for the companies to use the right tools (Facebook Audience Insights, Google Analytics, etc.) to identify these people and know who they are talking to.

The Rinaldi agency encourages an approach where the consumer is central in the reflection process. Finally, it is now essential to support the content distribution with a media budget and a well-thought advertising strategy.

Do not forget that beyond the content distribution, Facebook is a media meant for discussion. Engagement remains the key performance indicator in social marketing.

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**Source: May 2, 2017 – Infopresse, Plateformes numériques : le point sur les innovations. 

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