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2019-08-01_Rinaldi_Groupe_25ans-093The more, the merrier! Variety is the spice of life! Twenty heads are better than one! Yes, you read that right, twenty, which is the exact number of heads you’ll find in the Rinaldi-Maestro team, a team that embodies quite well these three famous sayings.

We thought we’d give you a chance to get to know our merry band better by asking each member to reveal one or two fun facts about themselves. Here is what they told us:

Maurice Rinaldi, President and CEO

“I love dogs, and when I retire, I want to get two of them. I love having fun with my colleagues at work. Life is too short, so make time for La Dolce Vita.”

Joanne Rinaldi, Human Resources Manager

“I’m someone who takes life one day at the time, and who tries to stay positive, no matter how trying the circumstances may be. Since July 31st, my new role as a grandmother as taken priority over everything else, and I feel even more blessed by what life has given me!”

Judy Manoo, Executive Assistant

“Are you hungry? What can I cook for you today?”

Marcela Lopez Orts, Accountant

“I always keep the faith… Trust, work and joy!”

Éric Léouzon, Director, Business Development

“How about them Cowboys? I’ve been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys since 1975 (I even own a helmet signed by Tony Romo, along with an important collection of their branded merchandise). For my 60th birthday, I treated myself to a weekend in Dallas to go see a game at the At&T Stadium, and the team won in my honour.”

Quentin Rupp, Digital Strategist

“I’m a Dive Master, and I’ve been diving since the age of 13. The deterioration of the oceans is an issue that concerns me deeply. Go Sea Shepherd!”

Mélanie Beaulne, Digital Account Executive

“The sea, palm trees, sand, salty air… I’m a true ocean addict! I also love cooking meals for my friends and family from recipes I’ve found on Pinterest!”

Marie France Ricard, Account Planner

“Snoopy is my idol! One look at my office will tell you so! I’m also addicted to working out! For me, six workouts per week is the norm.”

Pauline Benoit, account executive

VERY HAPPY is a sentence that I use a hundred times a day, and that generally reflects my mood. ;)”

Florence Paquet, Project Manager

“According to many sources not yet backed by science, butter and salt make every meal 100 % more enjoyable. I’m always cooing at dogs, cats, children or babies (especially babies). I think every excuse to have a chat with the rest of my team is a good excuse (much to the chagrin of the Studio team). I also have to admit that, when in doubt, I always turn to Pauline (because Pauline “just knows”). (I’m also quite fond of parentheses.)”

Catherine Lalonde, Project Coordinator

“Though I’m a baby boomer in theory, I personally identify more with Gen-X, and I feel as youthful and as enthusiastic as a Millenial!”

Andréa Cerallo, Project Manager

“I love winter, and I practise almost all the winter sports: snowboarding, snow shoeing, cross-country skiing and skating. I think winter is simply too short. And there really is nothing better than a post-sport drink by the fire!”

Blandine Chateau, Campaign Manager

“I’m never without my bike! I’m a great audience, I laugh at even the worse of my colleagues’ jokes!”

Karole Bourgon, Studio Director

“I like to grow flowers, especially roses. At work, patience is what I aim to cultivate!”

Victor Burnett, Art Director

“The mundane is boring. Being stupid is much more fun.”

Carol-Ann D’Amour, Art Director

“I often ask myself whether I’m truly a red head, or whether I’m simply always on fire! Life is too short to worry about other people’s opinions. I think I’m hilarious, and I’m my own best audience (the rest of the audience might be too slow to follow). I have two cats, who are sick of being put into banana costumes whenever they go outside, but that’s my prerogative, as the person who buys their food!”

Philippe Gélinas, Designer

“I dream of the day we’ll get a drum and some amps set-up in one of the empty offices. I’m addicted to all types of sour candy, the sourer, the better. Just like Blandine, I’m never without my bike.”

Charlène Côté, Translator and Copy Editor

“I lived in New York City for nearly two years while studying musical theatre. Obviously, my stage career never took off, but what an adventure, and what wonderful memories!”

Sophie Lafleur, Designer

“My wardrobe is a bit special; I love textures and patterns. In fact, I could probably dress in leopard print from head to toe. On a few occasions, I’ve been told by people that their daughter loved my look… Their 7-year-old daughter! That being said, I’d be lying if I denied having shopped in the kids’ section once or twice.”

Robert Sonin, Front-End Developer

“Measure twice, cut once; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; less is more.”

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