Empathy: one of the greatest allies of success.

Posted 5 August 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Our experts

The subject has been heavily discussed in recent years and certainly deserves all the attention it gets.

Both on a personal and professional level, this sometimes underestimated asset has the potential to bring people closer together.

In my case, empathy has both allowed me to build the first skate park in my city when I was only 13 years old, and to become the head of prestigious organizations.

Here are my two cents on how to promote the growth of your business.

Business growth through empathy. 

In a B2B context, knowing how to listen, understand and interpret a company’s aspirations makes it possible to better target objectives and string together tactics.

Asking the right questions is a must. Understanding the answers is all the more important. It can tip the balance from a successful project to a failure.

Beyond having a good understanding of business objectives, those who understand the motivations of the person with whom they are interacting have a head start. Helping this person succeed in achieving their own personal goals is a lever. Creating Win-Win-Win situations – business, individual, third party – is clearly more rewarding in terms of building long-term relationships.

The same goes for B2C.

Understanding a customer’s needs, knowing how they experience the brand experience and the shopping experience are key to keeping them happy and loyal. But fundamentally, it’s crucial to know what the customer aspires to by purchasing the product or service. I’ll say more on that subject in another article.

In a business context, sincere empathy allows almost all of the people involved in the transaction ecosystem to shine. The company that offers, the customer that consumes, the agency that supports and the people involved are all winners.

Make it your employer branding vector.

The human resources teams that I have known who were good observers, but more importantly, had a strong listening capacity, were the ones who had the best capacity for retention and adaptation. All very useful skills in the current climate, where recruitment is a major challenge for many.

Each and every person who makes up an organization has their own distinct path and purpose.

Learning to read and take an interest in the history of others allows for a better connection and, above all, a good understanding of certain reactions and situations.

By hiring people who show empathy, you make them the leaders of tomorrow, and organizations will benefit from that. Their problem-solving skills are significantly superior, as they are leaders who are able to read challenges that words have failed to convey.

Leadership and empathy.

Professional life is often fast paced, and we have little time to act upon it.

By knowing how to read the motivation of others, companies gain engagement through the alignment of personal and business goals. Their individual goals, if properly understood, can be a phenomenal driving force to grow your business.

In any case, being genuinely interested in others, their paths and aspirations, gives a clear advantage as a leader. For the good of all.

2 ears and 1 mouth.

Try this: listen twice as much as you speak. A simple ratio. Those who know me know that I like to express myself. Well, I listen twice as much.

Try to see how you too can include empathy in your daily life.

Build on listening.

Sébastien Cassagnes | Vice-President