Down with workaholism!

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ian-schneider-TamMbr4okv4-unsplashWorkaholism is an epidemic, thanks to mobile devices dissolving the boundaries between personal time and working hours. But, in my opinion, if your work addiction is making you unhappy, you need to rebalance.

Personally, I encourage my colleagues to work hard during the office hours and to leave every night with a plan for the next day. Their work day ends at 5pm, so they can come back happy, rested and ready to go in the morning.

It’s one thing to work long hours because you love what you do, or to occasionally put in additional time for an important project. But it’s quite another to work long hours simply because you fear being the first to leave.

The importance of life-work balance is learned through experience. I need to practise what I preach and start planning some ME TIME in my days. I’m a grandfather now, and if I want to be a coach to my grandson, I need to get my act together. This past year, I have lost many friends and the message couldn’t be clearer.

Start finding new ways to do what you enjoy, both at work and at play, because life is short.

Maurice Rinaldi | President

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