Rinaldi and Drummondville set out to conquer the world!

Last night, the City of Drummondville launched an awareness campaign that could very well be described as a tour de force by sending an ambassador throughout the world to test various kinds of poutine – a dish born in Drummondville and served everywhere on the planet – and give praise to all the things that make this beloved town great.

The campaign’s strategy and concept are the work of Agence Rinaldi who was awarded the account following the city’s request for proposals last June. The municipality then entrusted the firm 1one and its partners with the production of the TV spot.

“A mere list of the city’s main attractions would not have done justice to the considerable momentum and progress that this community has experienced over the last few years,” says Patrick D’Anjou, art director. “We used the poutine’s popularity throughout the world as an excuse to speak of Drummondville’s dynamism, audacity and pride.”

Thus, New York, Panama City and Tokyo serve as the surprising backdrops for the campaign whose aim is to refresh the perception that Quebecers have of Drummondville. Initially broadcasted simultaneously on nearly all francophone channels, the campaign will remain on TV and online for a few weeks.

“The campaign’s microsite, vivedmv.com, delves deeper into the extent of the momentum that the City of Drummondville has been experiencing lately,” adds Aurélie Pinceloup, general manager and interactive media director. The site concludes with a longer version of the video that shows some additional interactions between Drummondville’s ambassador and locals in all three cities.

“To carry out a bold idea, you need bold clients and we commend the City of Drummondville’s team and especially its Communications Department who believed in us and followed us all the way to the end in this disruptive approach,” adds Michel Van Houtte, creative director.

To see the 60-second video, visit Agence Rinaldi’s YouTube channel.

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