How to convert your website’s visitors into clients?

If you want the people who visit your website to purchase something in your online store or to give you their email address, there are a few criteria you might want to take into account. Indeed, your website’s landing page should be optimized to generate that conversion.

It must contain 6 important elements:

1- An enticing title
Above all, it allows users to know immediately what page they’re on. When that information is not clearly offered to users, it tends to increase rebound rate.

2- A picture of your product
A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words, and a good slogan associated to a well-chosen image will spark your potential client’s interest right away. Hire a real photographer, rather than opting for a quick self-made shot. Your client has to get a good idea of the essence of your company in the space of only a few seconds. Leave a good first impression, one that is representative of who you are.

3- A clear presentation of what makes you unique
Present 2 or 3 elements that make your product or service stand out. You must answer the question: why should the visitor choose your product or service over another?

4- A variety of calls-to-action
Not all the visitors of a website are at the same step of the purchasing process and they’re likely to go about their shopping in very different ways. With that in mind, give them options of actions to undertake: download a brochure, share on social media, watch a video, leave a comment, ask a question, make a contact request, call, etc. All these actions may then be analyzed and measured; those are key performance indicators. All those results will allow you to find out whether or not your promotion is working.

5- Testimonials from satisfied customers
This addition tends to have a certain impact. Hesitant web users may very well be reassured by seeing that others found satisfaction when using the product or service you offer.

6- Coherence with the initial advertisement
Lastly, remember that no matter where customers get directed to your landing page (PPC, newsletter, web banners, organic traffic, social media), that page needs to be coherent both in terms of content and format with the original ad, for visitors to feel like they’re in the same branding environment and also for them to easily find the product that caused them to click in the first place.

If, after going through that whole process, results still fail to come, you should optimize every element with some A/B testing. Once that’s done, you’ll get a landing page that yields real results and that turns your visitors into actual clients.

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