C2 and the Need for Change

Posted 15 October 2020 by Agence Rinaldi in News

Once upon a time I thought, “how can I help speed things up to improve our air quality?“

After attending the C2 Movin’ On World Summit, it made me realize how to go from concepts to action.

It was more than talks about sustainable urban mobility, accelerating decarbonization, improving air quality, funding private and public sector projects. It was about building trust between participants and leaders from around the world aligned to work together. It was about supporting valid and urgent concerns regarding the Paris Agreement. It’s about putting in place clear, impactful and rapid changes in our urban cities.

We all know we are running behind on our objectives for reducing the environmental impact of our modern lives. There is urgency.

It was more than stats proving that 7 million people die each year due to poor air quality, it was suggestions on creating business collaboration, trust and confidence building for each Movin’ On Summit participant. Ensuring each other’s promises will be withheld, to do as we say we will do.

Come September’s United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019,how will we hold each other accountable?

Ambassadors for change: #ParisAgreement #MovinOnConnect

Mélanie Beaulne | Conseillère numérique