The countdown to back-to-school day has started

Posted 2 August 2022 by Rinaldi in News
illustration : HOP ! La rentrée

The countdown to back-to-school day has started! We all remember the nerves and jitters that come with the first day of class; the excitement of going to a new school and meeting new classmates. Most of us were lucky enough to have a nice school bag packed to the brim for our first day… it was chock-full to the point of hurting our backs, remember? 😉

All children have the right to receive a high-quality education. But for some more than others, the journey to getting an education can be a real challenge.

Every year, hundreds of children in Quebec go to school without essential supplies,  like school bags or lunch boxes, because they lack the means to buy what they need. Not only does this negatively impact their learning ability, it also damages their self-esteem. For families that struggle to make ends meet, back-to-school day is a day full of stress and anxiety.

That’s why our team has decided to support an organization that helps students by providing school bags, lunch boxes, and school supplies to as many families in need as possible. Discover this amazing organization here: Hop! La rentrée

Rinaldi invites you to learn about the organization and follow our example by becoming involved with your friends, your company, or even by yourself. Become a student’s guardian angel today – because every child deserves to go to school with a full school bag on their back and a smile on their face.

Sébastien Cassagnes, Lead Student’s Guardian Angel of the Rinaldi Agency