All roads lead to Rinaldi : Karole’s path

Posted 8 January 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Our experts

  1. What are your main responsibilities at Agence Rinaldi as a studio director?

I liken my role within the agency to that of an orchestra conductor, giving every project its rhythm and bringing harmony to the workplace. I’m in charge of monitoring project deadlines and profitability. I supervise the studio team, composed of six people: two art directors, one graphic designer, one desktop publisher, and one translator and copy editor. Each has their respective talents and their distinct role, making it possible to carry out a wide range of projects, both for print and for the web.

I also support the account servicing team when it comes to coming up with a quote and approving the deadlines. I’m also responsible for hiring freelancers and external suppliers to fulfill specific mandates.

  1. What type of studies (or other types of training) did you pursue?

I have a background in administration and in graphic design. I’ve always been interested in acquiring new skills, so I took several other courses, including personnel management, social media for business development, branding, computer graphics, customer service, exhibition stand layout and many more.

  1. What professional experiences did you acquire prior to joining the Rinaldi team?

I’ve had the opportunity to work in many different fields: cultural, retail, marketing and visual presentation, as well as in advertising agencies. I started my career in the Laurentians, in an artists and artisans’ association. I later got a job at the National Film Board, where I had the chance to rub shoulders with renowned filmmakers. I’ve also worked in the retail market, for Le Groupe Aldo, La Maison Simons and La Senza. Being interested in 3D concepts and in the art of sculpting, I lastly ventured into the field of visual presentation, where I’ve had the opportunity to carry out spectacular projects.

  1. What compelled you to work in advertising?

The responsibilities that came with the job really drew me in. Being a project manager allows me to put my experience and skills to good use. I enjoy the projects, the challenges, and the creative whirlwind, as well as the stimulating atmosphere of an advertising agency.

  1. What do you feel are the three main qualities that make for a good studio director?

It takes a great sense of organization to juggle a multitude of requests. It also takes a lot of rigour and leadership. My colleagues say of me that I’m a perfect mix of rigorousness and gentleness; that I recognize and effectively harness everyone’s strengths.

  1. Where do you find inspiration, in your daily life?

I like being surrounded by multi-talented professionals, and what inspires me is to stimulate teamwork, in order to build on each other’s strengths. Being an artist myself, I have a very good understanding of the creative process, which helps immensely.