All roads lead to Rinaldi : Judy’s path

Posted 1 December 2020 by Agence Rinaldi in Our experts

This week, it’s our dear executive assistant Judy’s turn to share her professional journey!

What are your main responsibilities at Agence Rinaldi?

I take care of customer service, correspondence management, administrative support and team support.

What type of studies (or other types of training) did you pursue?

I took two courses to become a graphic designer, but unfortunately, I did not finish.

What professional experiences did you acquire prior to joining the Rinaldi team?

Working at BMO Security was one of my most interesting and memorable jobs ever. We were approximately six employees and, besides myself and the manager, all other four employees were officers from the RCMP, the SQ and the Montreal Police. One of my responsibilities was to identify people who were depositing empty envelopes in the ATMs and withdrawing money. I also had to identify employees who were embezzling money.

What compelled you to work in advertising?

I was working on contract, and soon after, I was offered a position in this field, which I accepted.

What do you feel are the three main qualities that make for a good executive assistant?

Loyalty, flexibility and a good sense of humour.

Where do you find inspiration, in your daily life?

I think of all the positive things that surround me and count my blessings that I am healthy and also working in a family-oriented company.