Agence Rinaldi produces the new Pepito Light ad: ready for a twist

Posted 12 April 2022 by Rinaldi in Advertising

Agence Rinaldi is behind the new ad for Pepito Light, a sangria made by Groupe Geloso. In the message, we meet Carlos Pepito personified, as he comes to give a twist to your summer and your get-togethers.

Just like the product itself, the ad campaign is fresh, festive and light-hearted. It makes a playful little jab at all the seltzers that invaded the market last summer, but that have a reputation for being rather light on flavour.

“It’s a bold concept, but mostly, it’s just plain fun!” says Carolyn Guay-Lafrance, director of account servicing for Agence Rinaldi.

The magic happens when Carlos Pepito bursts into the room. One twist of his Fiestache (because it goes far beyond a mere, simple moustache) turns into an invitation to a great party that is low in “Caloritas”, but high in “Flavorita”.

“Wanting to celebrate with fewer calories doesn’t mean having to forgo flavour. Agence Rinaldi did a great job highlighting the festive, full of flavorita side of our Pepito Light sangria!” states Mylène Côté, brand manager for the Pepito range of products.

Along with video ads broadcast on TV and online, there will be an OOH campaign as well as life-size Carlos Pepito cardboard cut-outs placed at the POS to support the promotional efforts until the end of the summer.


Announcer: Groupe Geloso – Melissa Iulianella, Mylène Côté
Agency: Rinaldi

Strategy: Sébastien Cassagnes, Carolyn Guay-Lafrance
Account Servicing: Carolyn Guay-Lafrance, Alexandra Seewaldt
Creative Direction: George Giampuranis
Artistic Direction: Carol-Ann D’Amour, Victor Burnett
Studio Direction: Karole Bourgon
Copywriting: George Giampuranis, Charles Montgomery, Benoît Faucher, Charlène Côté
Print Material: Carol-Ann D’Amour, Gabrielle Deblois
Digital Material: Carol-Ann D’Amour, Robert Sonin


Production Company: 4Zéro1 – Jérôme Couture
Direction: Jérémie Saidon
Photography: Alexis Belhumeur
Sound: Circonflex
Music: Sidney C. Nadon

Media Agency : Rinaldi
Media: Marie France Ricard, Quentin Rupp, Sébastien Cassagnes, Carolyn Guay-Lafrance

Video link :