After wine and spirits…beer!

Posted 5 January 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Inspired by our clients

Vrooden Brewery unveils its new image, which was orchestrated by Agence Rinaldi. The pair teamed up last month with the goal of unifying and enhancing the brewery’s range of products.

While the microbrewery’s logo changes only slightly, the slogan is reinvented. “The Math Side of Brewing” refers to the often forgotten mathematical side of brewing. At the same time, it’s an ode to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, which is without a doubt one of the most studied melodic albums in history. This is a nod to Vrooden Brewery’s artistic side.

The new labels can be recognized by their “V” shaped design, which will allow for a gradual unification of products. Each series will have its respective colour: Classical, Seasonal, Discovery and Signature. The inside of the geometrical opening will serve as a blank canvas, where the brand’s creativity can be fully expressed. A little “v” will be hidden on each label, to the great delight of beer collectors.

The Bavaroise d’hiver and the Biergarten, from the Classical series, are the first to beers to receive a makeover. With their powerful visuals and pale grey background, they have everything they need to stand out.

Our team also takes care of Vrooden Brewery’s website and social media, from strategy to editorial design.