A new logo for the ADIGESEP

Posted 15 April 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Inspired by our clients

We had the pleasure to reinvent the logo for the ADIGESEP, the Association des directrices et directeurs généraux des établissements scolaires de l’enseignement privé! Our chief graphic designer, Sophie, is the creative mind behind this redesign. This is how she explains the colourful logo’s concept:

“The idea of ADIGESEP logo revolves around the notion of togetherness. Here, the letters represent the members of the Association linked together by a common thread. This thread is meant to evoke the act of sharing and listening between the school principals. To give it more impact, the word ADIGESEP has been split into three syllables positioned on three separate lines. This makes the long series of letters easier to read, and the simple font, with its wide, bold characters, underlines the strong personality of an association anchored in solidarity.

The colour scheme, made up of both bright and pastel tones, is modern and dynamic. The navy letters call back to the more scholastic or serious side of the Association, for a better visibility as well as a nice contrast with the other colours. The whole range of colours brings to mind all the diversity of the customized services offered by the ADIGESEP.

And finally, the ADIGESEP brand has at its disposition a system of graphic elements meant to highlight its dynamic and modern side. These elements are inspired by the thread found in the logo. One of the ways this thread can be used is by placing it on a picture to showcase a person or an important item, like in the example shown here.”