A cookie-free world

Posted 1 April 2021 by Agence Rinaldi in Our experts

What does a cookie-free world mean for you, my dear customer?

For 20 years we’ve been living in a world reigned by cookies. And for 20 years, they’ve simplified our lives – automatically logging into our accounts, finding a shopping cart on your favourite e-commerce site or even automatically filling out forms.

The cookie also greatly simplifies the life of marketers, as it is the primary mechanism used to reach users: through the tracking of their online behaviour.

Thus, it’s the main tool used to create audiences for the purpose of advertising (re)targeting.

It’s very convenient and, in the right hands, extremely effective in creating advertising campaigns that are closest to the interests of consumers.

However, as in all fairy tales…magic comes with a price!

Let me insist a little on the word price… We have to understand that we are right in the middle of a war between the big players: Apple, Google and other letters of GAFAM. A digital war in the name of “Privacy is a fundamental human right”, which has forced these big players to reshuffle the behavioural data collection.

For cookies, the bell tolls and the end is near.

What does that mean? Change, of course, my dear client.

How the hell are we going to target our valuable consumers with personalized ads at the right time in their long customer journey, you might ask?

I could answer: each problem brings solutions, and every solution brings change.

But since I am not a politician and that, like you, I prefer results and concrete actions, I will answer this: we have the solutions and you are going to be the winner! Here are the main avenues available to us:

  • Advertising operations boosted by AI
  • Digital fingerprinting
  • Native and contextual content
  • First party data

Allow me to explain.

I am speaking to you, my client, because I speak on behalf of an advertising agency and, as an agency, we have a role to play. Our strategists, planners and campaign managers are at the centre of a new ecosystem that is emerging before us. All advertising operations are carried out using a rigorous methodology. The campaigns created in this way generate data that we use to feed machine learning algorithms. These tools use artificial intelligence to provide us with a solution without loss of performance and without intrusions into privacy.

Several Ad Tech companies also use fingerprinting to optimize targeting, which yields much better results than cookie targeting. It works by assigning a unique, anonymous and secure identifier to a unique user identified through a series of combined signals. These signals come from things like different devices, operating systems, browsers, IP address, language, etc.

In the ecosystem of local publishers, many use their data to create precise targets on their respective properties. Native and contextualcontent still has a bright future ahead of it, especially with publishers keeping a tight proximity with their readers. Although the efficiency in terms of direct conversion is lower, it remains a high-performance funnel, a top acquisition channel for range/frequency.

But all of the solutions presented above are not worth your best source for understanding your users: your own first-party data. To collect data without cookies, your brand can get users to authenticate on your site, in an application, through loyalty programs, etc. This will give you a very clear view of the behaviours and actions of each user and will allow you to understand their needs.

This way, we are able to determine which media mix will allow us to interact precisely with your customers at the key moment in their journey.

We can summarize as follows: a team of experts with knowledge of the publisher ecosystem, the mastery of new technological possibilities of Ad Tech and use of customer data makes for a powerful media mix.

So, my dear client, as I’m sure you’ve come to understand, with us, it’s even better without cookies!

Quentin Rupp | Digital Strategy Director